August 11, 7PM CET

Discussion: Energy: Ideology, Capital and Data

Participants: video artists Emilija Škarnulyte, Bahar Noorizadeh, Ivar Veermae

Moderated by Lukas Brasiskis and Inga Lāce

Discussion “Energy: Ideology, Capital and Data” takes place in the framework of the first part of the screening series “From Matter to Data: Ecologies of Infrastructures” hosted by the platform. Together with the artists we will question the role and importance of infrastructures of energy in implementation of (geo)politics and analyze the effects that exerts on the environment.

Environmental impacts are closely related to the modes of energy production and transport involving both the systems of supply of energy and pollution created by emissions. Construction of immense supply networks are often used to distribute capital and/or spread the ideology through instigation of alliances and interdependencies between countries and whole regions. A telling recent example is the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which is almost completed by Gazprom, has increased tension between Russia, the US, and Europe. The project linking Russia and Germany directly via the Baltic seabed would not only ensure Russia’s dominance of energy supplies to Europe, but also be ecologically harmful. However, most of the criticism facing the Nord Stream 2 project comes from a geopolitical, rather than an ecological perspective.

How is the relationship between ideologies and energy manifesting in the films? What aesthetics can and should be applied to reveal the concealed functions and implications of energy infrastructures? How can the passage between socialist and capitalist regimes seen through material and data infrastructures? How can environmental concerns be heard in the entanglements between the politics and economic interests? 

The Flood (Ivar Veermäe, 2018)