August 25, 7PM CET

Discussion: Specters of Socialist Architecture

Discussion “Specters of Socialist Architecture” takes place in the framework of the second part of the screening series “From Matter to Data: Ecologies of Infrastructures” hosted by the platform. The discussion with the artists Sophia Tabatadze (Georgia) and Flo Kasearu (Estonia) will focus on Soviet architectural infrastructure and its impact on the environment, as well as envisioning its potential future. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the socialist housing projects no longer performed their primary ideological function. Stripped of its ideological frame, the specter of socialist architecture nevertheless retains its influence on the geographic, social and cultural landscape of post-socialist life. With the shift to a capitalist system, concepts like development and gentrification have entered the vocabularies of urban development. Today, these hybrid views towards architecture entangle political contexts, ecological consciousness, and the economic progress of the region.

The Flood (Ivar Veermäe, 2018)